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Government Strengthens Radiation Protection Measures to Safeguard Zambians

The Ministry of Technology and Science (MoTs) is taking decisive steps to bolster the nation’s resilience against potential radiation threats by intensifying its support for the Radiation Protection Authority (RPA) in Zambia. 

The ministry’s strategic efforts are focused on strengthening the RPA’s capabilities, ensuring the safeguarding of both the population and the environment through the implementation of rigorous measures at the country’s borders.

Minister of Technology and Science, Felix C. Mutati, reiterated the government’s commitment to augmenting the RPA’s mandate during his familiarization tour at the Authority. 

Recognizing the operational challenges faced by the RPA, Minister Mutati praised the organization’s unwavering dedication to radiation protection, acknowledging its pivotal role in economic development.

Minister Mutati announced plans to collaborate with the RPA to establish a state-of-the-art laboratory and support capacity-building initiatives. He emphasized the need for vigilant monitoring in crucial sectors such as mining and cancer departments to minimize potential harm to citizens. 

The Minister also urged the RPA to engage in public awareness campaigns to ensure visibility and understanding of radiation protection measures.

Josiah Mafunda, the acting Senior Nuclear and Radiation Safety Officer at the RPA, highlighted the Authority’s efforts in decentralizing its monitoring activities. 

Notably, heightened levels of radioactivity have been detected at border posts, including Mwami-Malawi and Chanida-Mozambique, prompting thorough vetting of incoming products. This proactive approach aligns with the government’s commitment to securing the nation against potential radiation risks.

In conclusion, the government’s initiative to reinforce the RPA’s infrastructure and operations underscores its dedication to prioritizing the safety and well-being of the Zambian population. The collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Technology and Science and the RPA signal a proactive stance in addressing potential radiation threats and ensuring a secure environment for all citizens.

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