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Gold Mine Collapse in Zimbabwe Leaving 11 Miners Trapped

Eleven subsistence mine workers find themselves trapped in an underground shaft at Redwing Mine, Zimbabwe, approximately 270 km west of Harare, after a ground collapse occurred on Thursday morning. Authorities suspect that earth tremors may have triggered the incident, according to a statement from Zimbabwe’s mines ministry.

Redwing Mine, owned by Metallon Corporation, has confirmed the incident and mobilized a dedicated rescue team to bring the trapped miners safely to the surface. Despite multiple rescue attempts, the unstable ground conditions have impeded progress. 

Metallon Corporation emphasized the need to prioritize the safety of the rescue teams before proceeding with the operation.

“The team has made several rescue attempts. However, the ground remains unstable, rendering rescue operations unsafe. Our teams are diligently assessing ground conditions to make sure the rescue operations proceed safely as soon as possible,” stated Metallon Corporation.

Subsistence miners, engaged in unauthorized work since the mine was placed under corporate rescue in 2020, have been conducting operations at Redwing Mine. 

The incident underscores the hazards faced by subsistence miners and emphasizes the critical importance of enhancing safety measures in such mining operations.

As the rescue efforts continue, authorities are focused on finding a safe and effective strategy to bring the trapped miners to the surface and prevent further accidents in the future.

Source: AfricaNews

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