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ZESCO Security Officer Shot and Injured in Anti-Vandalism Operation

In the early hours of Wednesday, 3rd January 2024 in Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia, a collaborative anti-vandalism operation between ZESCO Limited Security personnel and the Zambia Police Service took a harrowing turn as Inspector Misheck Siakambala, a dedicated ZESCO security officer, was shot and left seriously wounded by a suspected vandal.

The incident unfolded in the vicinity of Lukanda B Primary School in Kapiri Mposhi District, Central Province, where the security team, comprising Inspector Siakambala, Security Sergeant Petronella Kapumpa, and Inspector Simon Zimba of the Zambia Police, aimed to secure an armoured cable that had been vandalized on 30th December 2023.

Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs at ZESCO Limited, Caristo Chitamfya, provided details of the incident in a statement. According to Mr. Chitamfya, the security personnel were met with violence when they encountered a group of suspected vandals at the scene. One of the assailants aggressively attacked Inspector Siakambala, attempting to disarm him in the process.

In the struggle that ensued, the suspect managed to pull the trigger, firing indiscriminately at the officers and inflicting serious injuries on Inspector Siakambala, who sustained gunshot wounds to the neck and abdomen.

Mr. Siakambala was promptly treated at Mshimbili Hospital in Kapiri Mposhi and later transferred to Kabwe General Hospital for further medical attention, where he is currently admitted.

Mr. Chitamfya revealed that the suspected vandal responsible for the attack also suffered a gunshot wound to the thigh and is currently receiving medical treatment at Mshimbili Hospital in Kapiri Mposhi. 

The captured individual was found in the act of vandalizing and stealing ZESCO cables, accompanied by accomplices who managed to escape the scene. A manhunt has been launched to apprehend the fugitive suspects.

The incident underscores the dangers faced by those tasked with safeguarding critical infrastructure against vandalism and theft. Mr. Chitamfya further reiterates the ZESCO Limited and the Zambia Police Service  commitment to combating such criminal activities and ensuring the safety of both their personnel and the public.

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