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Libala Wins WDC Elections Unopposed in All 11 Zones

Libala has won the Ward Development Committee (WDC) elections across all 11 zones without facing any competition.

According to Bwalya Kalimanshi, the Public Relations Officer of the Lusaka City Council, this rare occurrence has caused a stir in the political scene, with many praising Libala’s popularity and leadership.

As the deadline for nominations passed, it became evident that no other candidates had come forward, leaving Libala as the sole contender. 

Kalimanshi emphasized that this unchallenged victory is a significant moment for Libala, confirming their strong position in local politics.

Political experts are already discussing the implications of this win, predicting renewed energy and focus in Libala’s upcoming term. 

With no opposition, Libala is expected to continue its work of driving progress and making positive changes in the region.

Kalimanshi concludes that Libala’s dominance in these elections cements its reputation as a political force to be reckoned with. Their impact on the community is expected to grow even further in the coming days.

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