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Zambian Government Urges Collaboration for Swift Implementation of National Climate Plan

Kasanda Bunda, the Principal Climate Change Officer (Adaption) at the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment, emphasized the critical need for collaborative efforts to ensure the effective implementation of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP). 

Speaking at an awareness creation and information sharing event in Mumbwa District, Mr. Bunda stressed that the NAP, launched on November 14th, 2023, outlines medium and long-term adaptation priorities across nine climate-sensitive sectors.

“The NAP provides a strategic framework to address Climate Change in sectors such as Agriculture, Energy, Forestry, Water, Health, Infrastructure, Wildlife, Tourism, and Mining, with adaptation actions tailored for all provinces,” he stated. “Now, the urgency lies in translating these plans into action on the ground, and collaboration with all stakeholders, including the private sector, is imperative.”

Mr. Bunda highlighted that successful NAP implementation would significantly enhance Zambia’s resilience to climate change impacts. He announced that the NAP process is expected to conclude in December 2023, positioning Zambia among the 16 African countries that have successfully completed their NAPs, marking a significant milestone in climate change adaptation.

To integrate these adaptation actions, Bunda emphasized the importance of incorporating them into Local Development Plans, specifically Integrated Development Plans. 

Mumbwa District Commissioner, Ms. Namukulo Hayumbu, echoed the urgency of these actions, noting that Mumbwa has been consistently affected by floods and droughts, with the frequency and intensity of climate change events on the rise.

Ms. Hayumbu highlighted recent challenges faced by the district, such as damaged infrastructure, including the Chiwena bridge and the burst of Kandesha Dam, resulting in widespread flooding, property damage, and loss of lives. 

She expressed optimism about Mumbwa’s recently developed integrated development plan, pending approval, as a crucial step in addressing the impacts of climate change at the local level.

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