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Trade Kings Donates ZMK 2.5 Million in the Fight Against Cholera

In response to the escalating number of cholera cases, the Trade Kings Foundation has collaborated with the Ministry of Health to combat the spread of cholera, contributing hygiene items valued at ZMK 2.5 million. The donation ceremony unfolded at the Heroes Stadium, home to the National Cholera Treatment Centre.

During the event, Bridget Kambobe, Public Relations Manager of Trade Kings Group, handed over the substantial donation to the Minister of Health, Hon Sylvia Masebo, and dedicated health workers at the treatment center. 

Addressing the gathering, Ms. Kambobe expressed the foundation’s deep concern over the cholera outbreak and the tragic loss of lives. She emphasized that the morning’s donation to the Ministry of Health is a dedicated effort to curb the cholera outbreak and preserve lives in the affected regions.

Minister of Health, Hon Sylvia Masebo, conveyed gratitude for the Trade Kings Foundation’s timely and crucial contribution, stating, “My office is extremely grateful to the Trade Kings Foundation for the continuous support not only during the current cholera pandemic but also in the face of other disasters such as the 2017 cholera pandemic and the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Your ongoing commitment, love, and passion for the people of Zambia are unparalleled.”

The Trade Kings Foundation, guided by its mantra of “Improving Lives,” remains resolute in its commitment to aiding the nation during challenging times. The foundation hopes that the joint efforts will lead to the swift resolution of the cholera outbreak, providing relief to affected communities.

This partnership underscores the significance of public-private collaboration in addressing health emergencies and demonstrates how organizations can play a pivotal role in supporting government initiatives for the well-being of the nation.

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