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Government Urges Collaboration for Skills Development  

The government has emphasized the importance of stakeholder collaboration in promoting skills development for personal and national growth. The call was made during the inaugural graduation ceremony at the Chirundu Community Development Skills Centre, where the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services recognized the significance of practical skills in fostering job creation and increasing incomes at both individual and national levels.

The Director for Community at the Ministry, Ms. Muyamwa, emphasized the government’s commitment to building relevant and critical human resources through skills development. 

Aligned with the 8th National Development Plan, the 13 Skills Training Centers, including Chirundu, are actively contributing to the goal of creating a nation of professionals and skilled individuals dedicated to combating poverty at both individual and community levels.

Ms. Muyamwa urged the 32 graduates of the Chirundu Community Development Skills Centre, specializing in Tailoring and Designing, to exhibit high levels of professionalism in their roles as employees or entrepreneurs. 

She further encouraged stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations, to consider offering employment opportunities to the newly graduated students.

The Chirundu Council Chairperson, Mr. Never Muchindu, emphasized the importance of utilizing skills for socio-economic development rather than solely seeking white-collar jobs. 

He advocated for the addition of more courses and urged school leavers facing financial challenges to utilize opportunities provided through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to improve their lives.

Chirundu District Commissioner, Mr. Patrick Kasambila, acknowledged the positive impact of skills development and pledged to involve the CDF committee in enhancing infrastructure at the skills center for increased efficiency.

Expressing gratitude during the vote of thanks, graduate Jane Simushi thanked the government for facilitating the historic graduation ceremony, highlighting the graduates’ motivation to contribute positively to personal and national development through their newly acquired skills. 

The ceremony marked a significant step towards empowering individuals and communities through skill enhancement.

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