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Zambia’s ICT Sector Celebrates Excellence and Embraces Technological Advancements at Zampost Awards

The Zambian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector marked a historic moment with the first-ever Zampost Postal and Courier Services Awards ceremony held in Lusaka, an event that took place after a hiatus of Twenty-Nine Years. 

Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati, in his address, emphasized the pivotal role of quality ICT applications and usage in meeting customer needs and driving positive change.

Minister Mutati underscored the significance of embracing advancements in ICT services, stating that quality remains a key enabler to deliver change within the Zambian ICT sector. 

He highlighted the importance of responsiveness to effectively discharge output, focusing on services that align with and embrace customers’ needs. 

The minister stressed the need for consistent, competent, and quality efforts to achieve technological satisfaction, creating a benchmark for excellence in the field.

Expressing gratitude for the recognition of outstanding practitioners, Minister Mutati commended their efforts in navigating challenging courses and contributing to exceptional ICT-economic spurs. 

The awards ceremony, dedicated to Zampost Postal and Courier Services, celebrated the journey of 2023, which witnessed a significant boost in Internet services. 

Zambia, among the thirteen African countries, recorded a notable milestone with a robust Five-Gigabytes network technological strength in service deliverables.

Minister Mutati proudly announced Zambia’s self-confidence in local and regional connectivity, attributing this success to the collaboration with the Starlink Space-Orbit firm. 

He outlined plans for a digital infrastructure roadmap, including the phase-out of the Two-Gigabytes Network Bus System, in an effort to enhance services for the country.

The minister further elaborated on the government’s commitment to providing incentives for digital infrastructure, citing the successful implementation of the most recommended Fibre platform connectivity. 

Zambia now boasts a Seven-Plus-One Country internet services fiber link, showcasing the nation’s progress in the ICT sector.

As Zambia continues to make strides in the digital landscape, the Zampost Postal and Courier Services Awards serve as a testament to the country’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the ever-evolving world of Information and Communication Technology.

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