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ZAF Reflects on 2023 Achievements, Emphasizes Economic Contribution and Discipline

Deputy Commander and Chief of Air Staff (COAIRS), Maj Gen Oscar Nyoni, offered insights into the notable accomplishments of the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) in 2023. His reflections emphasized substantial advancements in recruitment, economic diversification, agricultural engagement, modernization programs, and air operations throughout the year. 

Speaking at the ZAF Lusaka Officers’ Annual Ball on Friday, December 8th, 2023, Maj Gen Nyoni expressed gratitude to ZAF personnel for their collaborative efforts, underscoring their pivotal role in achieving milestones and addressing challenges.

Maj Gen Nyoni expressed his gratitude to all ZAF personnel for their cooperation and dedication throughout the year. He underscored the importance of the strides made in economic diversification and agricultural activities, noting their positive impact on the nation’s development.

Addressing the gathering of officers, Maj Gen Nyoni urged them to provide strategic leadership to their subordinates. Emphasizing the critical role of officers in safeguarding the airspace from potential threats, he stressed the importance of comprehending the Command’s intent to formulate and implement implied tasks effectively.

“I urge you Officers to provide strategic leadership to the men and women under your charge as it is crucial to achieving the mandate and overall objectives of the Zambia Air Force,” stated the Deputy Commander. 

He further encouraged officers to communicate the Command’s strategic vision to subordinates for a comprehensive understanding of ZAF’s activities and programs.

Maj Gen Nyoni took a moment to appreciate the spouses of ZAF service personnel, acknowledging their support and sacrifices. He highlighted the pivotal role played by spouses in ensuring service delivery while personnel are on national duty.

While commending the dedication exhibited by ZAF officers, Maj Gen Nyoni cautioned them to maintain high levels of discipline both on and off duty. 

He issued a directive for officers to refrain from engaging in politics to prevent any compromise of their oath of allegiance to duty, the people of Zambia, the Constitution, and the Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Force.

As ZAF looks ahead, the Deputy Commander’s address sets the tone for continued contributions to the nation’s economy and unwavering commitment to safeguarding Zambia’s airspace.

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