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Minister of Home Affairs Inaugurates Modern Kafue Police Station

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu officially inaugurated the brand-new Kafue Police Station, accompanied by the handover of a boat and a motor vehicle.

Minister Mwiimbu underscored the pivotal role of infrastructure in the effective delivery of police services, emphasizing that a well-equipped and modernized police force is crucial for maintaining peace, law, and order. 

The Minister expressed his concern over the longstanding operational challenges faced by police officers in Kafue, who had been working from a dilapidated structure donated by Zambia Railways Limited.

“It is saddening that for a long time, police officers in Kafue have been operating from a delipidated structure that was donated by Zambia Railways Limited,” remarked Minister Mwiimbu during the inauguration.

Acknowledging the hurdles that delayed several police projects across the country, he attributed the setbacks to various reasons, negatively impacting the decentralization of police services. 

Minister Mwiimbu highlighted the commitment of the New Dawn Government to revamp such projects by increasing the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to ensure timely completion and enhanced service delivery.

Besides the new police station, the government has also procured motor vehicles for all 156 constituencies nationwide through the CDF. 

The Minister urged the officers assigned to the Kafue Police Station to demonstrate responsibility in maintaining the facility and the vehicle, emphasizing that it would pave the way for more government and partner assistance.

Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Robert Kamalata lauded the efficiency of the CDF committee, revealing that the province had no pending community projects due to the committee’s commitment to approving and completing projects within ten working days.

Area Member of Parliament Mirriam Chonya welcomed the development, expressing hope that the new facilities would address criminal concerns such as theft and child abuse. 

Ms. Chonya highlighted that, in addition to the 2.4 million new Kafue Police Station, two other police posts have been constructed in the area.

Lusaka Province Police Officer Commander Commissioner Creto Kaanza assured the Minister that the Zambia Police Service is dedicated to ensuring law and order prevails in Kafue district. 

The launch of the state-of-the-art police station signifies a new era for law enforcement in Kafue, promising improved security measures and a stronger police presence to combat crime in the region.

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