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President Hichilema Launches Construction of Chiefs’ Palaces in Luapula Province

President Hakainde Hichilema has officially inaugurated the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Chiefs’ palaces in Luapula province. The first palace to be constructed will be for His Royal Highness Chief Chimese of Bahati, Mansa.

Addressing the gathering, President Hichilema emphasized the government’s commitment to working closely with traditional leaders and ensuring that the development reaches every corner of the nation.

“As the UPND government, we will construct these palaces across the country without segregation. We are one Zambia, one Nation, and one people. We remain determined and focused on uplifting the lives of all Zambians wherever they are,” President Hichilema declared.

Highlighting the crucial role played by traditional leaders, he stressed the importance of creating an environment that supports their responsibilities. The construction of these palaces is seen as a tangible expression of the government’s recognition of the vital role played by chiefs in the development and well-being of their communities.

“With the rich natural resources in Luapula, including water bodies, pastures, and several natural wonders, we are reminded that with hard work, Zambia can be transformed. Let’s all get involved and work towards a better Zambia. We are in this together – we win together as a nation, and we face challenges together because we are one people,” President Hichilema urged.

The initiative has received widespread support from citizens across the country who see it as a step towards inclusivity and unity. The president concluded his speech by extending blessings to the royal highnesses and expressing optimism for a brighter future for Zambia.

The construction of Chiefs’ palaces is expected to not only enhance the living and working conditions of traditional leaders but also contribute to the overall development and prosperity of the regions they represent. As the project takes shape, it symbolizes a collaborative effort towards a more prosperous and united Zambia.

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