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Mayor Chilando Chitangala Leads MTN Zambia Foundation in Citywide Clean-Up Campaign

Her Worship the Mayor of the Greater City of Lusaka, Ms. Chilando Chitangala, took to the streets this morning, leading the MTN Zambia Foundation team in a community clean-up initiative. 

The campaign, aptly named “Keep Zambia Clean, Green, and Healthy,” targeted the Old Ng’ombe Market in Roma Ward 20.

The Mayor, donned in work attire, actively participated in the clean-up exercise, underscoring the importance of collective responsibility in maintaining a pristine environment. 

She emphasized that the initiative aims not only to beautify local spaces but also to elevate health standards throughout the country, with a specific focus on preventing future outbreaks of diseases such as cholera.

The Old Ng’ombe Market, a bustling hub of activity, saw volunteers and participants diligently working to rid the area of litter and waste, contributing to the larger goal of creating a healthier living environment for residents.

Ms. Chitangala emphasized the significance of unity in achieving the campaign’s objectives. “The aim of this campaign can only be achieved if we work together as a nation and ensure that our environments are kept clean. This will also help us prevent any future outbreaks of cholera,” stated Mayor Chitangala during the clean-up.

Joining the Mayor in this noble cause was Roma Ward 20 Councilor, Luka Phiri, and members of the Ward Development Committee. Their presence underscored the collaborative effort between local authorities, community leaders, and corporate partners like the MTN Zambia Foundation.

The Keep Zambia Clean, Green, and Healthy Campaign aligns with broader sustainable development goals, emphasizing the interconnectedness of a clean environment with the overall well-being of the community. 

The call to action resonates beyond today’s event, urging everyone to actively engage with local authorities to ensure a continuous commitment to maintaining a clean, green, and healthy Zambia.

As Mayor Chitangala and the MTN Zambia Foundation set an inspiring example through their hands-on involvement, the initiative serves as a rallying point for communities to come together, fostering a sense of pride and responsibility in safeguarding the nation’s natural beauty and public health.

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