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Zambia Correctional Service Takes on Ambitious Project 

The Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) has secured a contract to construct 81 Chief’s palaces in seven provinces, out of a total of 110 earmarked for construction. The funding for this extensive project will be sourced through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

The signing ceremony, held at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, saw Permanent Secretary Maambo Haamaundu highlighting the community-centric nature of the CDF. 

He emphasized that the fund, previously utilized for initiatives such as procuring 156 police vehicles, is now being directed towards the construction of Chief’s Palaces.

According to Haamaundu, the Chief’s Palaces will consist of 4-bedroomed houses, including two returner’s houses and a courtroom. 

Importantly, he urged that these constructions should prioritize utilizing youth manpower trained through CDF bursaries within the respective constituencies.

“Government has a lot of regard for traditional leadership. We are also grateful that government programs within their jurisdiction [Chiefdoms] go unhindered,” stated Haamaundu during the signing ceremony.

Moreover, Haamaundu urged the Zambia Correctional Service to expedite the project’s completion, leveraging military discipline and the service’s considerable manpower. 

He encouraged contractors to engage young men and women who have benefitted from government-sponsored bursaries and loans for youth development.

Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General, Mr. Fredrick Chilukutu, expressed confidence in the service’s ability to undertake the task. 

With over 100 professionals in construction and a population of over 26,000 inmates, Mr.  Chilukutu sees this project as an opportunity for the ZCS to showcase its capabilities in infrastructure development.

Mr. Chilukutu assured that the project would be completed within the stipulated budget, emphasizing the ZCS’s commitment to contributing to the country’s development through this ambitious initiative.

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