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Zambian Government Takes Strong Stand Against Illegal Mining

The Acting Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Collins Nzovu, expressed the government’s deep concern over the escalating issue of illegal mining activities in the country. 

The public has been strongly urged to refrain from participating in such practices, emphasizing the dangers and environmental harm associated with these activities.

The statement highlighted a recent incident in the Kanyelele area of Mpika district, Muchinga province, where individuals resisted law enforcement agencies attempting to halt illegal mining operations. 

This event underscores the challenges faced by authorities in curbing such activities and enforcing regulations.

Illegal mining not only poses risks to those directly involved but also has severe environmental consequences. The lack of adherence to established protocols and environmental preservation measures further exacerbates these concerns.

Hon. Collins Nzovu emphasized the detrimental impact of illegal mining on the country’s economy. Operating outside the mainstream economy, these activities lack the necessary policy support, incentives, and investments. 

The government is actively working on implementing legislation to address these illegalities comprehensively.

The public has been urged to cooperate with the government as it strives to establish and enforce relevant legal frameworks that will bring an end to illegal mining practices. 

Additionally, he emphasized the government’s commitment to developing mechanisms that ensure local communities benefit from the natural resources in their regions, including minerals.

Hon. Collins Nzovu reassured Zambians that the government will continue to grant licenses for lawful and profitable mining activities. This move aligns with the broader efforts to regulate the mining sector, fostering responsible and sustainable practices for the benefit of the nation and its citizens.

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