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Zambia Air Force Paratroopers Make Historic Leap with 11A Ram Tactical Parachute in First-Ever Exercise Over Zambian Airspace

The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Parachute and Special Tactics Training School (PSTTS) recently conducted a paratrooping exercise in Ndola, marking the first deployment of the state-of-the-art 11A Ram Tactical Parachute in Zambian airspace. The exercise, initiated on November 13th, 2023, has witnessed 80 jumps, with six of them showcasing the capabilities of the advanced parachute.

School Warrant Officer, WOII Robert M’kandawire, and School Chief Instructor (CI), Maj Andrew Munengo, led the way in demonstrating the proficiency of the 11A Ram Tactical Parachute, each executing successful jumps.

Colonel Maybin Muteneko Inambwae, the Commanding Officer of PSTTS, expressed his amazement and extended appreciation to the Air Force Command for their steadfast support in realizing the training exercise and other school programs.

The success of the exercise was further underscored by the collaboration of the Zambia Air Force No. 22 Squadron and its dedicated pilots. Lt Col Scott Banda, Lt Chilufya Bupanda, and Lt Luyando Sianyeuka played crucial roles in ensuring the safe and effective execution of the paratrooping exercise.

The Search and Rescue Pilots on the AB212, Lt Col William Mulenga, and Maj Emmanuel Mtonga, along with the technical crew comprising Warrant Officers Twos Kenneth Milisi, Leonard Kachinga, and Innocent Banda, provided essential support on the ground.

Paratroopers, integral to military operations, demonstrated their expertise in being rapidly deployed into various scenarios, showcasing the ZAF’s preparedness for emergencies, disasters, and combat situations. 

This milestone event reflects the Zambia Air Force’s commitment to defense, support, and the continuous enhancement of its operational capabilities.

ZAF remains dedicated to its mission – Defend and Support – ensuring the nation’s security and readiness to respond effectively to evolving challenges. The successful deployment of the 11A Ram Tactical Parachute underscores Zambia’s commitment to staying at the forefront of military preparedness and innovation.

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