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South African High Commission in Zambia Discusses Repatriation of Struggle Icons’ Remains

The South African High Commission in Zambia has officially disclosed its intention to engage with the Zambian government on the repatriation of the remains of some South African struggle icons buried in Zambia. 

In an official statement issued by Nyambe Bulumba, LCC’s Public Relations Officer, this announcement was made during a courtesy call on Her Worship, the Mayor of Lusaka, Ms. Chilando Chitangala.

High Commissioner GN Twala expressed the importance of preserving South Africa’s political history and strengthening ties with neighboring countries, especially Zambia, which played a significant role during the apartheid era. The repatriation initiative aims to honor the contributions of these heroes and ensure their legacies endure.

Mr. Twala urged Zambian councils to provide information that would facilitate the timely implementation of the repatriation exercise. 

The High Commissioner’s team, including forensic archaeologists, plans to visit cemeteries containing information about the remains to be exhumed and repatriated.

During the discussions, the possibility of marking the graves of the heroes instead of repatriation was mentioned as an alternative, depending on the available information. 

The South African delegation emphasized the importance of collaborating with Zambian authorities to make informed decisions.

In response, Lusaka Mayor Ms. Chilando Chitangala pledged the council’s assistance in conducting the repatriation exercise. She also expressed her desire for the South African High Commission to erect monuments in Lusaka commemorating South African freedom heroes. 

The mayor believes that such monuments would serve as educational and inspirational landmarks for younger generations.

Mr. Bulumba noted that the collaboration between the South African High Commission and Zambian authorities reflects a commitment to honoring the historical ties between the two nations and preserving the memories of those who played a crucial role in the struggle against apartheid. Further updates on this significant initiative are expected as discussions progress.

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