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Mayor of Lusaka Advocates for Gender Equality

Today, Her Worship the Mayor of Lusaka, Ms. Chilando Chitangala, joined members of the Zambia National Women’s Lobby Group for an Initiative Fundraising Breakfast at Asmara Hotel, Lusaka.

Addressing the attendees, Mayor Chitangala emphasized the importance of women’s organizations standing up for the fair treatment of women in various sectors.

She urged these groups to be courageous in advocating for women who may face unfair treatment while carrying out their duties mandated by the law.

The Mayor stressed the significance of ensuring fair treatment for women, particularly in matters related to performance evaluation. 

She highlighted that simply increasing the number of women in leadership roles is not sufficient; it is essential to guarantee that they are treated fairly to maximize their contribution to national development.

Commending the women who attended the fundraising event, Ms. Chitangala acknowledged their dedication and support. 

She further emphasized that gender issues are fundamental to societal interactions, urging everyone to actively engage in promoting gender equality.

Ms. Chitangala concluded by stating that achieving gender equality is feasible when each individual takes full responsibility. The event aimed not only to raise funds but also to foster a sense of collective responsibility for advancing gender equality in the community.

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