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Kalomo Secondary School Ushers in Digital Era with STARLINK Donation

Kalomo Secondary School in Zambia has become the first in the country to be connected to the global space firm STARLINK, thanks to a generous donation of 20 computers and an internet device kit. 

Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati, who attended the donation ceremony, commended STARLINK for empowering students with essential educational tools.

Minister Mutati expressed the need to embrace and empower children with technological resources to positively impact their educational journey. 

He highlighted the significance of providing pupils with the necessary tools for acquiring knowledge and information. 

The 20 computers donated by STARLINK are expected to be the first of many, with plans to donate more to benefit the school’s 2,000 pupils.

During the ceremony, Minister Mutati revealed the government’s vision to elevate Kalomo Secondary School to a center of excellence in education. 

He encouraged students to make the most of the opportunity, urging them to explore the internet facility to enhance their learning experiences.

The STARLINK internet services, known for their fast and limitless capabilities, are set to revolutionize the delivery of technological and technical knowledge at Kalomo Secondary School. 

Minister Mutati emphasized that this initiative goes beyond a single school, with plans to extend accessible and fast internet services to other government institutions.

In addition to celebrating the technological leap forward, Minister Mutati acknowledged the historical significance of Kalomo Secondary School, having produced Zambia’s current President, His Excellency Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

Adil Subman, a representative from Electro Technique Solutions, praised the donation, emphasizing that the provided devices would bridge the digital divide. 

He highlighted how the installation of internet devices would open doors to a world of knowledge, providing reliable internet tools for the students.

The donation from STARLINK represents a significant step toward creating a technologically advanced and connected learning environment, setting the stage for future educational advancements in Zambia.

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