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ZAMMSA Achieves Swift Distribution of Health Center Kits Nationwide 

The Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) has successfully distributed 77% of the 7,050 health center kits received from Mission Pharma within just two weeks. 

The nationwide distribution, aimed at strengthening healthcare infrastructure, signifies a significant step towards enhancing medical services across Zambia.

According to a statement by Bradley Chingobe, Senior Manager Public Relations at ZAMMSA, the agency has distributed 5,400 health center kits across the country. 

From the initial batch of 983 kits containing compliant Erythromycin, 756 kits have been allocated to towns in North Western province, excluding Zambezi. 

Additionally, complete kits with compliant Erythromycin have been distributed to various locations, including Mafinga, Nakonde, Lupososhi, Chembe, Luano, Lumezi, and Luangwa.

Mr. Chingobe emphasized the safety of Erythromycin contained in the distributed kits, stating that it has been found compliant by the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA). 

He also noted that ZAMMSA has distributed 4,644 health center kits without Erythromycin, incorporating 57 commodities instead of the initial 58. 

This adjustment was made following the isolation and quarantine of non-compliant Erythromycin at the ZAMMSA central warehouse.

Regions such as North Western, Muchinga, Northern, Luapula, Lusaka, Eastern, and Central provinces have received both types of kits, with and without Erythromycin. 

He mentioned that the Copperbelt region is currently the only area that has not received health center kits containing Erythromycin.

Distribution to Southern and Western provinces is set to commence, with an allocation of 1,600 kits. Western province will receive 708 kits, while Southern province will receive 892 kits, with distribution starting immediately.

Mr. Chingobe reiterated ZAMMSA’s commitment to providing safe and quality medicines and medical supplies. 

He noted that the agency remain dedicated to maintaining an efficient and cost-effective system for the procurement, storage, and distribution of essential healthcare resources throughout the country.

ZAMMSA’s rapid and comprehensive distribution of health center kits underscores its commitment to ensuring widespread access to quality healthcare in Zambia, marking a significant stride in fortifying the nation’s healthcare infrastructure, he stated.

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