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Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company Initiates Critical Transmission Line Replacement in Kabwe

Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited (LgWSC) is embarking on a crucial project to replace a major transmission line beneath the main railroad in Kabwe. 

The initiative, aimed at enhancing water supply efficiency and mitigating risks, is expected to bring about significant improvements in the water distribution system in the region.

During an inspection of the works, LgWSC Managing Director, Yoram Sinyangwe, highlighted the importance of the project in addressing long-standing challenges. 

He revealed that the pipeline, left unattended during the 2007 selective upgrade due to concerns about disturbing the railroad, has suffered from degradation and major leakages over the years.

With support from the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation, and Environmental Protection, the upgrade is now in progress, with an estimated cost of approximately five million Kwacha. 

The replacement project is anticipated to be completed in about five months, promising to reduce water losses and extend the hours of water supply to Kabwe.

Engineer Sinyangwe emphasized the significance of the project in mitigating risks associated with water supply to Kabwe and preserving the integrity of the main railway line. 

He further highlighted the positive impact on the Commercial Utility’s efficiency, noting that losses on the current transmission line have resulted in additional costs for energy and water treatment chemicals.

The aging pipeline, measuring almost 0.7 kilometers by 0.450 meters, dates back to as early as 1950, posing challenges to the reliability of the water supply system. 

Engineer Sinyangwe expressed gratitude to the government for its support, emphasizing that the project would contribute to ensuring Kabwe residents receive safe drinking water.

Joseph Mwenya, the public relations officer for Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company, issued a statement thanking the government for its commitment to the project. 

Mr. Mwenya emphasized that the initiative reflects the company’s dedication to improving water infrastructure and addressing longstanding issues in the region. 

As the replacement project progresses, he noted that it is poised to bring positive transformations to Kabwe’s water supply and sanitation system.

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