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Lusaka City Council Cracks Down on Wheelbarrow Street Vendors in the Central Business District

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) expressed growing concern over the increasing number of individuals selling merchandise and food items using wheelbarrows in the Central Business District (CBD).

In a statement issued by Bupe Kabuswe, the Public Relations Officer of the Lusaka City Council, the local authority has identified this trend as a potential threat to public health and safety, emphasizing its violation of existing regulations.

Ms. Kabuswe stated that vending from wheelbarrows is strictly prohibited, as it contravenes Regulation 45 of statutory instrument No. 12 of 2008, under the Local Government Act No. 2 of the Laws of Zambia. 

She clarified that the council permits only individuals with approved standing buildings and certified licenses to trade within the CBD.

The primary concern raised by the Council is that those selling goods from wheelbarrows often fail to meet public health conditions and guidelines required for conducting such businesses. 

According to Ms. Kabuswe, this poses potential risks to consumers and contributes to the breach of established public health protocols.

Furthermore, Ms. Kabuswe emphasized the negative impact of wheelbarrow vending on traffic flow and overall public safety. The obstruction caused by these impromptu street vendors has led to an increase in accidents in the area.

She issued a stern warning to all individuals engaged in street vending using wheelbarrows within the CBD. Those who fail to comply with the directive will face consequences, including the seizure of their merchandise by the council.

Bupe Kabuswe also provided information about the Council’s recent crackdown on street vendors, revealing that 697 individuals had been apprehended for conducting business in non-designated places during inspections conducted between July 17th and November 9th, 2023.

She further urged residents to engage with the Local Authority and apply for available trading slots in designated markets to avoid the legal consequences associated with street vending. 

Additionally, Ms. Kabuswe reiterated the Council’s commitment to maintaining order and upholding public health standards in the CBD.

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