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Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Industry Monitors Economic Zones in Collaboration with Cabinet Office

In a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Industry and the Cabinet Office, a monitoring tour of Multi-Facility Economic Zones (MFEZ) across the country has been initiated. 

The primary objective of these visits is to familiarize the Deputy Secretary to Cabinet for Finance and Economic Development with the operations of special economic zones, gain insights into the activities of selected companies within these zones, and identify any challenges they may be facing.

During a tour of the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone, Mr. Siazongo Siakalenge, the Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, expressed satisfaction with the economic activities taking place in the zone. 

He particularly commended the number of jobs created by enterprises operating in the area. 

Accompanied by a team from the Ministry, led by Permanent Secretary Mr. John Mulongoti, the delegation visited key companies within the Lusaka South MFEZ, including British American Tobacco (BAT), Mylan Laboratories, Trade Kings, and Keda Ceramics.

The Lusaka South MFEZ is strategically designed to achieve economic diversification and national development. 

With various designated land uses such as industrial, commercial, residential, institutions, research and development, among others, the zone aims to attract both local and foreign firms. 

The focus is on promoting manufacturing, stimulating export activities, fostering technological development, facilitating skills transfer, and creating jobs and wealth.

Following the visit to Lusaka South, the monitoring team proceeded to the Lusaka East MFEZ, managed by the Zambia-China Cooperation Zone (ZCCZ). 

The Lusaka East MFEZ has introduced over ten enterprises engaged in the production and processing of light industrial products, food processing, building materials processing and trade, pharmaceutical production, and logistics services.

These monitoring tours underscore the government’s commitment to fostering economic growth, diversification, and the creation of employment opportunities through strategic initiatives such as Multi-Facility Economic Zones. 

The insights gained from these visits will inform policy decisions aimed at addressing challenges and further enhancing the conducive business environment within these economic zones.

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