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Lusaka City Council Nears Completion of Mini-Civic Centres in Kanyama and Matero Constituencies

The Lusaka City Council has announced significant progress in the construction of Mini-Civic Centres in Kanyama and Matero Constituencies, with both projects reaching an impressive 90% completion.

Chola Mwamba, Public Relations Manager for the Lusaka City Council, stated that the Mini-Civic Centres are part of a broader initiative to decentralize council services and improve accessibility for residents. 

Ms. Mwamba noted that the construction of each Mini-Civic Centre has cost a total of Two Million Kwacha and is funded by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

She explained that this initiative aims to establish such centres in all seven constituencies, with ongoing efforts to secure suitable land for the proposed centre in Chawama Constituency.

Ms. Mwamba emphasized the council’s commitment to enhancing service delivery through the decentralization of services. 

The Mini-Civic Centres are envisioned as platforms for residents to actively participate in local governance matters, ultimately improving the quality and accessibility of services provided by the council.

She further stated that the project is designed to bring council services closer to the people, making operations more efficient and services more readily available. 

Decentralization is seen as a means to streamline the Local Authority’s operations, facilitating smoother service delivery and fostering increased community engagement in decision-making processes.

Ms. Mwamba highlighted the council’s determination to ensure that the construction project adheres to the agreed-upon deadline, with completion expected by December 31, 2023. 

Residents of Kanyama and Matero Constituencies are encouraged to cooperate with the Local Authority and the contractor to avoid potential delays in the finalization of the Mini-Civic Centres.

As the Mini-Civic Centre project advances, she expressed that the Lusaka City Council looks forward to the positive impact it will have on local governance and service accessibility, reinforcing the commitment to effective and community-oriented municipal administration.

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