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Techtrends Zambia CEO Sandi Chimpala Commends Tech Enthusiasts and Partners at Zambia Tech-Xpo 2023

Sandi Chimpala, the Chief Executive Officer of Techtrends Zambia, delivered an inspiring speech at the Zambia Tech-Xpo 2023, commending the event’s partners and highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation in the tech industry.

Addressing the audience of tech enthusiasts, distinguished guests, and fellow industry professionals, Ms. Chimpala began by expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to host this significant event. 

She recognized that the Zambia Tech-Xpo 2023 would not have been possible without the generous support of its incredible partners.

Ms. Chimpala acknowledged the event’s numerous partners, including Loita Business, Airtel Zambia, PremierCredit, Paratus Zambia, International Trade Centre, Fastracktech, UNCDF, Yango, Digital Safe, Absa Bank, Bayobab, IHS Towers, FNB Zambia, Zamtel, Infratel Zambia, MultiChoice, DStv Stream, Mwabu, Lusaka Telecom Solutions, IT-IQ Zambia, Hobbiton, and aYo Zambia. 

She commended their dedication to technological progress and their pivotal role in making the Zambia Tech-Xpo a reality.

Under the theme “The Disruption Dialogues: A Zambia Tech Space Overview,” Chimpala emphasized that the event was a celebration of past innovations that have already transformed the world and an exploration of the limitless potential of technology in Zambia. 

She noted that the “disruption dialogues” symbolize the ongoing conversation about how technology shapes our world and that this event serves as the epicenter of this crucial discourse.

Ms. Chimpala highlighted the commitment of partners like Airtel Zambia, PremierCredit, Paratus Zambia, and others, who not only support technological progress but also foster an environment in which Zambia’s tech community can thrive and adapt to disruption.

International partners, including the International Trade Centre, UNCDF, and Fastracktech, were lauded for facilitating global connections and knowledge sharing. 

Ms. Chimpala emphasized that their involvement allows Zambia to share experiences with the global tech community while reflecting on the disruptions that impact us all.

Ms. Chimpala also recognized the crucial role of partners such as Yango, Digital Safe, and Absa Bank, who have shown how technological advancements can create a safer and more accessible world for all. 

She praised partners like Bayobab, IHS Towers, FNB Zambia, and Zamtel, highlighting their role as the pillars of Zambia’s digital infrastructure, resilient in the face of disruption.

Infratel Zambia, MultiChoice, and DStv Stream were acknowledged for providing the means to connect, entertain, and educate, while Mwabu, Lusaka Telecom Solutions, IT-IQ Zambia, Hobbiton, and aYo Zambia played vital roles in shaping the nation’s future through these disruptive dialogues.

Ms. Chimpala concluded by emphasizing the importance of collective efforts and innovations in shaping Zambia’s technological journey. 

She stated that this journey embraces disruption as a catalyst for progress and invited attendees to explore the latest trends, products, and services offered by the esteemed partners.

The Zambia Tech-Xpo 2023, according to Chimpala, is more than an event; it’s a testament to what can be achieved when like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations come together with a common goal. 

The aim is to engage in the disruption dialogues, innovate, collaborate, and elevate Zambia’s tech landscape.

Ms. Chimpala expressed his gratitude for the attendees and invited them to embark on an incredible journey of discovery, inspiration, and technological transformation. 

She concluded by affirming that together, they will shape the future, one disruptive dialogue at a time, and wished all a rewarding experience at the Zambia Tech-Xpo 2023.

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