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Ministry of Community Development Celebrates Graduation of 414 Students in Diverse Skills

In a significant development aimed at uplifting the lives of individuals in the Southern Province, the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services proudly celebrated the graduation of 414 students who have successfully acquired diverse skills. 

The graduation ceremony, which took place recently, marked a milestone in the pursuit of community empowerment and self-reliance.

The 414 graduates, hailing from the Monze, Munyumbwe, and Ngwenya skills training centers, represent a diverse group of individuals who have completed training in several vocational areas. 

Among the graduates, 123 are males, and 237 are females, showcasing a balanced representation of skills within the community.

The skills acquired by the graduates encompass Home Management and Catering, Bricklaying and Plastering, Carpentry and Joinery, General Agriculture, as well as Tailoring and Designing. 

These competencies are not only beneficial to the individuals themselves but also hold the potential to contribute significantly to the socioeconomic development of the region.

During the 44th combined graduation ceremony, Mrs. Patricia Muyamwa, the Director for Community Development, commended the government’s commitment to poverty reduction and community empowerment through skill development. 

She emphasized the importance of enabling communities to become self-reliant and self-empowered, which, in turn, will foster sustainable growth.

Mrs. Muyamwa highlighted the crucial role these graduates play in advancing the region’s development and reaffirmed the government’s unwavering financial support for community development colleges across the nation.

In her address to the graduates, Mrs. Muyamwa urged them to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and moral values as they venture into their own businesses or seek employment opportunities. 

She emphasized that these qualities are vital for their personal success and for contributing positively to their communities.

Mrs. Muyamwa expressed her gratitude to the District Councils for providing bursaries to students through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). So far, 47 students have benefited from this initiative at the four skills centers.

Monze District Commissioner, Mr. Mwanza Malambo, acknowledged the profound impact of skills development on individuals and the community at large. 

He called for the introduction of more courses at the skills centers to cater to the growing demand for skill acquisition and to further empower the people of Southern Province.

In her closing remarks, Mrs. Muyamwa encouraged community members and the general public to enroll in the skills centers, highlighting the importance of acquiring skills and knowledge for personal and community development. 

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