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Construction Begins on Roads to Ease Traffic Congestion in Munali Constituency

Construction has officially commenced on several roads in Munali Constituency as part of the 2023 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Boniface Chibeka, the Councillor for Mtendere Ward 34, represented Ms. Chilando Chitangala, the Mayor of Lusaka. 

He expressed his gratitude on behalf of the community, emphasizing that this government initiative is welcome news and a relief for the people of Munali. 

The road construction project is expected to alleviate traffic congestion on the Great East Road and provide an alternative route for commuters.

In an official statement provided by Bupe Kabuswe, the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Chibeka highlighted the challenges faced by the city, particularly the issue of recurring floods that hinder daily activities and movement for residents.

“The persistent floods render our roads impassable, exacerbate traffic problems, lead to flooding in residential areas, and cause damage to properties,” Mr. Chibeka explained.

The Councillor commended the government for implementing fiscal decentralization, a move that allows for more efficient resource management at lower governance levels. 

This decentralization has paved the way for infrastructure development and economic progress within the city.

Additionally, Mr. Chibeka called upon the government to address the concerns related to the Welfare Development Committees (WDC) structures, as they play a significant role within the local governance framework.

He urged community members to take ownership of the ongoing projects and ensure their security to prevent theft and vandalism.

The event was also graced by the presence of Hon. Mike Mposha, the Member of Parliament for Munali Constituency.

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