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Zambia’s Agriculture Union Welcomes Agricultural Credit Window  

The Agriculture Technical and Professional Staff Union of Zambia (ATPSUZ) has expressed its satisfaction with the recent introduction of a credit window for agricultural inputs by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In an official statement issued by Mr. Oniver Chingobe, President of ATPSUZ, the significance of this initiative in promoting sustainable agriculture, food security, and economic growth in Zambia was highlighted.

The agricultural credit facility, which provides financial support to farmers, demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring food self-sufficiency and enhancing the agriculture sector’s value for citizens. 

Mr. Chingobe disclosed that ATPSUZ believes that this move has the potential to uplift the livelihoods of numerous smallholder farmers and reaffirm Zambia’s position as an agricultural powerhouse in Africa.

As the union responsible for representing extension services in Zambia, ATPSUZ assured Zambian farmers and the government of its commitment to support and align with government policies, he noted.

The union encouraged beneficiaries of agricultural loans and the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP) to seek technical advice from agricultural experts, particularly agriculture extension officers. 

Mr. Chingobe emphasized the importance of collaborating with extension officers, saying, “With this government initiative, we advise farmers wherever their fields may be to get in touch with the extension officer of that area and get free farming technological advances that best suit the location.”

The president of ATPSUZ also called on urban citizens to return to their villages during the rainy season and engage in agricultural activities, even on a small scale, to contribute to household food security in the coming year. 

According to him, the union hopes to witness an increase in citizen engagement in agricultural production during the upcoming farming season and commended the Ministry of Agriculture for its efforts in enhancing food security in Zambia.

The introduction of the credit window for agricultural inputs is seen as a positive step towards strengthening Zambia’s agricultural sector and ensuring a more food-secure future.

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