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ZAMMSA Empowers Zambian Healthcare with 478 Hospital Beds and 18 State-of-the-Art Ultrasound Machines

The Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) has announced a significant milestone in improving healthcare services by procuring 478 hospital beds and mattresses along with eighteen cutting-edge 3D ultrasound machines. 

The aim is to augment bed capacities in public health facilities and revolutionize diagnostic capabilities in the country.

Bradley Chingobe, Senior Manager of Public Relations at ZAMMSA, stated, ZAMMSA recognizes the challenges posed by outdated medical equipment in many of Zambia’s public health facilities. 

Mr Chingobe said that the agency remains resolute in its commitment to improve the quality of healthcare services provided in public health facilities, by ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary resources to meet varied healthcare needs.”

These vital medical assets, he said valued at K14 million, were sourced from Kenarcles General Contractors and Supplies Limited, a trusted supplier in the healthcare industry. 

He emphasized ZAMMSA’s dedication to providing high-quality healthcare services to all Zambians, and has conducted rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure that the acquired equipment meets stringent standards.

The deployment of these hospital beds, mattresses, and ultrasound machines will soon take place in designated health facilities across the nation, he added. 

Mr Chingobe further said that this initiative is part of ZAMMSA’s ongoing efforts to enhance access to quality healthcare services, aligning with the government’s broader healthcare reform agenda.

This procurement is a testament to ZAMMSA’s mission to bring about positive change in Zambia’s healthcare sector, ensuring that the healthcare needs of the nation are met with efficiency and compassion. 

With these latest acquisitions, ZAMMSA is taking a significant step toward fulfilling its goal of providing accessible and high-quality healthcare services for all Zambians.

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