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UPND Welcomes Lungu’s Return to Politics but Warns of Accountability

In response to former Zambian President Edgar Lungu’s return to active politics, UPND’s Lusaka Province Administration has issued a statement that welcomes Lungu’s participation while cautioning him about potential consequences.

The UPND administration has expressed readiness to hold Mr. Lungu accountable for his actions during his tenure as head of state, given his change in legal status.

The statement suggests that the government will withdraw his security detail, emphasizing that he is now considered an ordinary citizen, like anyone else.

According to UPND, Lungu’s return to politics and the removal of his presidential immunity open the door for potential legal actions for any alleged offenses committed while in office.

They also suggest that Mr. Lungu’s re-entry into politics could be an attempt to attract international attention to undermine the accomplishments of the current administration.

Furthermore, the statement highlights that the significance of the presidency Mr. Lungu once held seemed to fade during the recent events at the burial site of the late PF founder, President Michael Sata.

While the UPND’s Lusaka Province Administration respects Mr. Lungu as the only surviving former head of state after a line of predecessors, they indicate that he may not enjoy the same privileges and respect that typically accompany former presidents.

The UPND’s statement concludes with the notion that, despite Mr. Lungu’s return to politics, his relevance to the UPND and Zambia remains in question, particularly given their stance on his track record during his previous term in office.

Obvious Mwaliteta, the UPND Lusaka Province Chairman, provided this statement.

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