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260 Brands Inaugurates Zambia’s First Plant-Based Milk Factory

260 Brands, a prominent name in Zambia’s agro-processing industry, proudly announces the successful inauguration of Zambia’s first-ever plant-based milk factory, hosted at 260 Brands’ offices in Lusaka. 

The momentous ceremony was graced by the presence of the Minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry, Honourable Chipoka Mulenga, along with various distinguished guests, both local and international.

This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment in Zambia’s journey towards a more sustainable, diverse, and environmentally friendly agro-processing industry. 260 Brands is committed to enhancing the economic viability of the nation’s agricultural sector through value addition. 

The launch of the plant-based milk factory harnesses the potential of soybeans, contributing to economic diversification and reducing reliance on traditional raw commodities while expanding revenue streams.

One of the highlights of this development is the introduction of “NutraMilk,” Zambia’s first plant-based milk. NutraMilk has already received recognition, winning two prestigious awards in 2022: “Product of the Year” from the Zambia Association of Manufacturers and “New Innovative Product of the Year” at the Africa Foods Awards in Kenya. 

It stands as a testament to 260 Brands’ commitment to providing a high-quality alternative to dairy milk, not only for Zambia but also for international markets.

In the spirit of innovation, 260 Brands has also introduced “NutraSip,” Africa’s first plant-based juice blend, expanding their product range to meet diverse consumer preferences.

In support of local farmers, 260 Brands is actively working with over 6,000 farmers in Zambia to certify them as organic. Their goal is to reach 12,000 farmers by the end of the next harvest season, emphasizing the importance of sustainable agriculture in their business model.

260 Brands acknowledges the significant role of their partners in making this venture possible. Norfund’s investment in 260 Brands is a testament to the international recognition of Zambia’s agro-processing potential. 

Additional support from impact partners, including Prospero, Musika, SNV, USAID, and the European Union, has played a crucial role in bringing this project to fruition.

The company also extends its gratitude to the Zambia Association of Manufacturers for their instrumental role in driving the manufacturers’ agenda in Zambia and their commitment to industrial growth and development in the country.

Lastly, 260 Brands acknowledges the supportive environment provided by the Zambian government, as outlined in their National Development Plan. This environment has enabled companies like 260 Brands to reinvest in the manufacturing industry, contributing to the nation’s economic growth and societal betterment.

260 Brands, with a history of 26 years in Zambia, is poised to continue innovating and investing in the manufacturing sector, making a positive impact on the national economy and society as a whole.

This development signifies a significant step forward in Zambia’s journey towards a more sustainable and diversified agro-processing industry.

This information is contained in a statement released by 260 Brands Africa.

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