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Zambia’s Ambassador Commends Trade Progress and Debt Restructuring

His Excellency Mr. Chibamba Kanyama, Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States, shared encouraging developments about Zambia’s progress in several key areas during a recent address.

Notably, he conveyed President Hakainde Hichilema’s message congratulating Ms. Karen Bass on her election as Mayor for the County of Los Angeles, expressing gratitude for their prior discussions in 2021.

President Hichilema and Congresswoman Karen Bass had previously convened at Capital Hill, where Ms. Bass served on the influential House Committee on Foreign Relations and chaired the Subcommittee on Africa.

“I am a bearer of the Message from President Hakainde Hichilema, congratulating you on your election as Mayor for the County of Los Angeles.

The President would like me to brief you on issues you discussed together in September 2021 when you were a Congresswoman,” Mr. Kanyama conveyed.

Among the topics discussed were the impressive strides made by Zambia in enhancing its trade record, empowering women, supporting youth initiatives, and investing in clean energy.

The debt restructuring deal was highlighted as a significant milestone, providing the Zambian government with more fiscal flexibility to allocate resources to vital sectors such as health, education, and infrastructure.

“As you may have been following the news, the debt restructuring deal will enable the government to have enough headroom to invest resources in health, education, as well as infrastructure. Government has continued to employ many youths in the public sector, particularly in health, education, and security, as one way of mitigating against high poverty levels due to unemployment,” Mr. Kanyama explained.

He further emphasized that Zambia is set to attract investments across various sectors, including agriculture, tourism, mining, and energy, which will, in turn, create more employment opportunities. 

Initiatives like the Compact program under the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Lobito Corridor Project are expected to play a pivotal role in stimulating economic growth and fostering job creation.

Mr. Kanyama noted that while there is optimism about these initiatives, there remains concern about the impact of the free market on youth unemployment.

This concern underscores the ongoing commitment to finding effective solutions for addressing youth employment and economic empowerment in Zambia.

In line with her prior advocacy, Mayor Bass had called for the establishment of more African Consulates in Los Angeles to facilitate stronger engagement with the African continent. 

This aspiration aligns with the growing interest in expanding diplomatic and economic ties between Los Angeles and African nations.

The message conveyed by Ambassador Kanyama serves as a testament to the strengthening bilateral relations between Zambia and the United States, with a shared focus on promoting economic growth, youth empowerment, and clean energy investments.

This information is contained in a statement issued by Mr. Charles Tembo First Secretary Press and Public Relations, Embassy of the Republic of Zambia,  Washington D.C.

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