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Zambia’s Ambassador Honors Fallen Soldiers in Ethiopia

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Her Excellency Mrs. Rose Sakala, led a solemn ceremony in Addis Ababa to pay homage to the Zambian fallen soldiers who rest in Ethiopia, a poignant tribute to their unwavering commitment to their country.

In her address, Ambassador Sakala stressed the importance of honoring these heroes, irrespective of their final resting places, as they had valiantly fought for Zambia’s welfare. 

She emphasized that as Zambia celebrated its independence, it was equally crucial to acknowledge the contributions of those who had fought for freedom and peace across the globe.

The ceremony, held at Gulele Cemetery in Addis Ababa, was attended by Zambians living in Ethiopia and members of the embassy staff. Mrs. Sakala paid her respects by laying wreaths at the graves of two Zambian soldiers at the cemetery.

The nine Zambian heroes are part of the renowned Northern Rhodesia Regiment, a multi-battalion regiment recruited from the protectorate of Northern Rhodesia. 

This regiment played a significant role during World War II and saw deployments in various regions, including Ethiopia, Somaliland, Madagascar, the Middle East, and Burma (Myanmar).

In addition to the graves in Gulele Cemetery, the remaining seven soldiers are interred in the Gonda District. It is a district of historical significance, where Gonda Barracks in Chipata has been named in honor of the fallen soldiers who served their nation with unwavering dedication.

Ambassador Sakala’s tribute is a poignant reminder of Zambia’s commitment to recognizing the sacrifices made by its servicemen and women, both on home soil and across the world. 

As the world remembers the sacrifices of those who fought for peace and freedom, Zambia sets an example by paying respects to its fallen heroes on foreign shores.

This statement has been issued by Mrs. Inutu Mupango Mwanza, First Secretary (Press & Tourism), Zambia Embassy, Addis Ababa, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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