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Irish Minister Impressed with Evelyn Hone College’s Digital Media Creativity

During a visit to the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, Minister Felix Mutati of the Ministry of Technology and Science expressed admiration for the transformative power of technology and innovation, particularly evident in Zambia’s collaboration with Ireland.

The visit coincided with the presence of the Irish Minister of Housing, Local Government, and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien, who commended the creativity showcased by students pursuing Creative Digital Media and Digital Music programs at Evelyn Hone College.

Minister Mutati lauded the Irish Government’s support for digital creativity media and audio programs at Evelyn Hone College, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in reaching Zambia’s current level of technological advancement.

He highlighted the readiness of Zambia to continue working with Ireland, seeking further support for skills development aimed at addressing issues such as water irrigation and sustainability.

Minister Mutati proposed cooperation to develop curricula that impart skills capable of managing water-related challenges, including droughts and irregular rainfall patterns.

Reflecting on the historical ties between Zambia and Ireland, Minister Mutati called for the expansion of cooperation, citing the longstanding relations fostered by Christian missionary efforts in the 19th century.

He expressed gratitude for Ireland’s support in procuring relief food for Zambia amidst challenges of drought, facilitated through the World Food Programme.

Irish Minister Darragh O’Brien echoed Minister Mutati’s sentiments, praising the creativity and potential of Evelyn Hone College students in digital media and music programs. He commended the college management and lecturers for their efforts in transforming students’ skills in these areas.

Minister O’Brien emphasized the importance of continued cooperation between Ireland and Zambia, citing Ireland’s own journey of economic development and strengthened relations with African countries.

In his remarks, Acting Principal Ignatius Ndabala highlighted the partnership between Evelyn Hone College and Irish Belmont College of Further Education, established in 2008 to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

He outlined the introduction of diploma programs in Creative Digital Media and Audio and Music Technology, made possible through Irish Aid Strategic Aid Cooperation.

The visit of the Irish Minister underscored the significance of collaborative ties between Ireland and Zambia in advancing technological innovation and skills development, marking a milestone in the ongoing partnership between the two nations.

The visit also emphasized President Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership on both the African and global stages, garnering appreciation from international partners for his vision and commitment to progress.

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