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Lusaka City Council Clarifies Wheelchair Incident in Support of Human Rights

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) wishes to address and clarify recent social media reports regarding the confiscation of a wheelchair purportedly used by Mr. Daniel Mwamba, a physically challenged street vendor in the city.

It has been noted in a statement issued by Chola Mwamba, LCC Public Relations Manager, that On Wednesday, 18th October 2023, council police were conducting their routine operations to assess compliance with street vending regulations in the Central Business District.

During these operations, a wheelchair that Mr. Mwamba uses for displaying his merchandise was temporarily confiscated. It’s important to note that this wheelchair was not his primary means of mobility, as inaccurately stated in certain social media posts.

In a statement, the Lusaka City Council emphasizes that Mr. Mwamba possesses two wheelchairs. The wheelchair in question, along with his merchandise, was returned to him on the same day. Its temporary confiscation was intended as a cautionary measure to underscore the prohibition of street vending.

The LCC is committed to upholding human rights and promoting social inclusion, particularly for individuals with disabilities.

The council deeply regrets any distress that Mr. Mwamba experienced during this incident, which regrettably led to the circulation of unverified information by some members of the public.

The LCC urges the public to collaborate with the council officers to ensure the effective regulation of street vending in Lusaka, with the understanding that these regulations are in place to benefit the entire community. Your cooperation is vital in preventing street vendors from returning to prohibited areas.

The LCC remains dedicated to fostering a fair and inclusive society in Lusaka and appreciates your continued support.

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