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Liquid Intelligent Technologies Launches Public Wi-Fi Services to Bridge Zambia’s Digital Divide

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies, a prominent pan-African technology group, has introduced an innovative public Wi-Fi service in Zambia. Aimed at providing affordable, high-speed internet access, the initiative is set to enhance connectivity across the country.

With the launch in Livingstone, Zambia’s tourism hub, Liquid targets users seeking convenient and flexible connectivity, including youth, travelers, and local businesses. This expansion builds upon Liquid’s existing Wi-Fi services for financial institutions, contributing to broader internet accessibility.

Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Zambia, emphasized the importance of bridging the digital gap. “By establishing a public Wi-Fi network, Liquid is ensuring reliable internet access for all Zambians, regardless of location or economic status,” he stated. This move aligns with efforts to empower businesses and individuals in the global digital economy, fostering economic growth.

With only 21% internet penetration in Zambia, the public Wi-Fi service holds significant potential. It offers easy internet access without data plans, facilitates remote work, and boosts ecommerce opportunities for businesses. 

The launch event was attended by notable figures, including Zambia’s Minister of Tourism and Livingstone’s Mayor, highlighting the government’s support for digital initiatives.

The Wi-Fi expansion covers various public areas, including educational institutions, hospitality venues, hospitals, and retail spaces, ensuring broad accessibility. Stringent security measures safeguard users against cyber threats, enhancing data protection.

Liquid Zambia’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and driving digital transformation across Africa is evident in this initiative. It aligns with the company’s mission to ensure no African is left behind in the continent’s digital evolution.

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