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Government Distributes Desks and Awards CDF Grants and Loans in Mapatizya

In a significant move, the government, through the Zimba Town Council, has launched the distribution of 2,620 desks, which were procured using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). 

In a statement issued by Mastone Moonze, Zimba Council Public Relations Officer, these desks, valued at over K2.8 million, are being distributed to schools across the Mapatizya Constituency, with the aim of improving the learning environment for students.

The distribution ceremony, which took place in the Kabanga area, was not limited to desks alone. In addition to providing desks, the government awarded grants and loans to 92 clubs, cooperatives, and individual companies in the region.

Mapatizya Member of Parliament, Emelda Munashabantu, explained that the procurement of these desks was a direct response to the growing number of students returning to school, a result of the implementation of the free education policy. 

She urged the beneficiaries of grants and loans to use these funds wisely, investing in businesses that can uplift both their lives and the communities they are a part of.

Zimba Council Chairperson, Madam Loveness Chigora, highlighted the positive impact of distributing desks to schools. 

She emphasized that this action would significantly enhance the quality of education and provide a better learning environment for young students in the district.

Madam Chigora further stressed that providing CDF loans and grants to citizens aligns with the government’s vision of creating a conducive business environment for entrepreneurship, skill development, and economic growth.

Zimba District Commissioner, Mr. Rabson Mulamfwu, commended the distribution of desks as a positive response to President Hakainde Hichilema’s directive to ensure no student sits on the floor in a classroom by the end of 2024. 

Mr. Mulamfwu encouraged the beneficiaries of loans and grants to start and manage their businesses effectively, contributing to the government’s vision of a financially stable nation.

In total, K2.93 million in loans was disbursed to 27 cooperatives and individual companies, while K2.14 million in grants was awarded to 65 Women and Youth Clubs. 

The funds for these grants and loans were allocated from the 2023 CDF budget, while the procurement of desks was funded by a combination of allocations from 2022 and 2023.

This initiative represents a significant step towards improving education infrastructure and supporting entrepreneurship and economic growth in the Mapatizya Constituency.

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