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At least 40 people are dead, and 167 are missing in a boat accident.

Survivors recount their harrowing experiences in the wake of a tragic boat accident in the Democratic Republic of Congo, shedding light on the devastating incident.

Over 40 bodies have been recovered, and a frantic search continues for 167 individuals who remain unaccounted for after a boat capsized in the waters of the River Congo.

The ill-fated vessel, reportedly carrying more than 300 passengers and cargo, met with disaster due to overloading, according to a civil society group actively participating in the ongoing rescue and recovery efforts.

Korami Mopole, one of the fortunate survivors, described clinging to a piece of the boat submerged beneath the water with only his head above the surface. He was ultimately rescued when good Samaritans arrived with a canoe.

Michael Busakasa, another survivor, recounted that shortly after the boat departed from Mbandaka’s port on Friday evening, the crew became alarmed by uneven weight distribution. 

They attempted to remedy the situation by repositioning cement bags, but this proved ineffective. After removing a canoe that the boat was carrying, disaster struck, and the boat began to sink.

Busakasa, along with his mother and sister, was on the boat to transport his father home from the hospital. Miraculously, all three of them survived.

Despite his inability to swim, they were positioned at the front of the vessel, which remained afloat and was their saving grace, thanks to the assistance of others who came to their rescue.

this story has been adopted from BBC.

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