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Call for Edgar Lungu’s Return to Salvage the Nation as UPND Government Fails

Frank Ng’ambi, the National Chairperson for Industries of the Patriotic Front (PF), believes that the people of Zambia are eager to see former President Edgar Lungu return to active politics to rescue the nation from what he views as the failures of the UPND government.

Mr. Ng’ambi expressed his concerns, stating that the UPND government, which assumed office in 2021, has not succeeded in improving the quality of life for Zambians.

He highlighted the challenges that people are facing, including tripled prices for essentials like mealie meal, fuel, fertilizers, and electricity.

Speaking during a special interview on Muvi Television in Lusaka, Mr. Ng’ambi argued that Zambians have become increasingly disillusioned with President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government, which they believe came into power based on rhetoric. 

He emphasized that President Hichilema has not fulfilled his campaign promises to reduce the cost of essential goods, such as mealie meal and fuel.

Mr. Ng’ambi mentioned that the rising prices have impacted the cost of living, even affecting basic items like vegetables. 

He noted that many Zambians are urging Edgar Lungu, often referred to as ECL, to reenter politics when they see him because they believe his governance was more effective compared to the current leadership.

Additionally, Mr. Ng’ambi criticized the UPND government for removing fuel subsidies, which, in his view, has contributed to the high cost of living in Zambia. 

He also accused the government of undermining the rule of law, citing examples of intolerance and restrictions on opposition political parties’ ability to hold public rallies.

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