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School of Artillery in Zambia Explores Strategies to Deepen Christian Faith Among Personnel  

The Zambia Army’s School of Artillery, located at Kalewa Barracks in Ndola, recently conducted a meeting to explore avenues for strengthening Christian beliefs within its personnel.

Recognizing God Almighty as the Supreme Commander and acknowledging the structured command headed by the Republican President and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Force, the Zambia Army emphasizes that its personnel serve both the nation and the Lord. This spiritual perspective is deeply ingrained in the minds of officers and soldiers alike.

At the recent meeting, attended by key figures such as Colonel Augustine Kalenga, Commandant of the School of Artillery, Major Father Lazarus Spuni Mbewe, 3 Infantry Brigade Chaplain, Captain Andrew Chileshe, Adjutant of the School of Artillery, and Captain Ruth Chitambo, discussions centered around accelerating the inculcation of the Word of God among military personnel.

The primary focus was on devising strategies to strengthen the Christian faith of officers and soldiers, particularly those adhering to the Catholic faith. The meeting addressed avenues to enhance sacraments, family life, and moral uprightness within the military context.

Emphasis was placed on the need for officers and soldiers to dedicate time to be in the presence of God. Strategies were discussed on how to create time for spiritual engagement, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

A recurring theme throughout the meeting was the encouragement for officers and soldiers to be more devoted to Christian life. The importance of supporting and strengthening those who may be struggling in their spiritual journey was also highlighted. 

The aim is to cultivate a military environment where individuals not only serve their country but also grow spiritually in their service to the Lord.

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