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Malawi Receives 1.9 Million Litres of Diesel From Mozambique to Alleviate Fuel Shortages

Malawi has received a significant boost to its fuel supply with the arrival of 1.9 million litres of diesel, transported via rail from the Nacala port in Mozambique. The fuel delivery was offloaded at the Matindi Strategic Oil reserves located in Blantyre.

This shipment is anticipated to provide much-needed relief to the ongoing fuel shortages that have plagued the country. Reports indicate that long queues have become a common sight at most filling stations across Malawi due to the scarcity of fuel.

Despite the arrival of this fuel shipment, concerns are growing among the public, and there have been calls for President Lazarus Chakwera to address the nation regarding the current fuel crisis. 

Many Malawians are seeking assurance from the government that effective measures are being taken to resolve the situation.

Human rights activists within the country have criticized President Chakwera’s silence on the matter, emphasizing the importance of open communication during times of crisis to instill confidence among the population.

The fuel shortage crisis has primarily been attributed to a scarcity of foreign exchange (forex) within the country. 

Minister of Information and Digitalization, Moses Kunkuyu, provided reassurance to Malawians last week, pledging that additional fuel shipments were expected to arrive in the coming week to further alleviate the situation.

As Malawi grapples with these fuel shortages, the nation looks to its leaders for effective solutions and transparent communication to address the challenges and ensure a stable energy supply for its citizens.

This story has been adopted from Malawi24.

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