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Emirates Airlines Celebrates Rio Carnival with Authentic Brazilian Flavors and Entertainment

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines is set to immerse its customers in the vibrant spirit of Rio Carnival with a special culinary and entertainment experience onboard flights to and from Dubai-Brazil from February 9th to 17th.

Passengers traveling in First, Business, and Premium Economy Classes from Dubai to Brazil will be treated to a delectable array of classic Brazilian dishes.

Among the offerings is the traditional Picanha, a succulent grilled beef steak accompanied by molho a campanha tomato salsa, farofa, braised black beans, and sautéed kale.

Dessert will feature a Brigadeiro cheesecake with coconut crème anglaise, guava and passionfruit coulis, echoing the festive colors and flavors of Carnival.

Even those flying in Economy Class won’t miss out on the culinary journey, as they’ll be able to savor Bife com cebola, a Brazilian-style beef with onions, along with Brigadeiro cheesecake and chocolate ganache for dessert.

On the return journey from Brazil to Dubai, passengers in premium classes can indulge in Brazilian beef short ribs with coriander pesto rice, garlic cream, and roasted plantain.

Meanwhile, Economy Class travelers will enjoy Picadinho de Caranaval with coriander pesto rice and Cocada Cremosa for dessert.

In addition to the mouthwatering cuisine, Emirates aims to keep the festive atmosphere alive with a selection of 12 Brazilian movies available on its award-winning ice entertainment system.

Passengers can also enjoy over 190 Hollywood movies dubbed in Portuguese and groove to the rhythms of Latin American music with up to 53 playlists and albums featuring Brazilian artists like Ludmilla and Matuê, as well as classics from iconic figures such as Sergio Mendes and Gilberto Gil.

By offering this immersive experience, Emirates Airlines not only celebrates the cultural richness of Brazil but also enhances the travel journey for its passengers during the joyous occasion of Rio Carnival.

For further details and bookings, passengers are encouraged to visit Emirates’ official website or contact their nearest Emirates office.

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