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Zambian Government Calls on Marketing Companies to Promote Tourism Through Effective Storytelling

The Zambian Government is calling upon marketing companies within the country to play a pivotal role in promoting Zambia as a tourist destination by effectively narrating stories about the nation’s rich heritage and culture.

Rodney Sikumba, Minister of Tourism, emphasized that storytelling is a powerful tool that not only captures the attention of tourists but also establishes connections and fosters brand loyalty. 

He highlighted that Zambia boasts nearly 4,000 historical sites scattered across the country, yet it has not managed to create compelling narratives that would attract both local and international tourists to explore these sites.

During the opening ceremony of the two-day AD DAY Zambia 2023 Conference and Exhibition organized by Africast, Minister Sikumba stressed the importance of events like these in telling stories about Zambia’s cultural heritage. He cited examples such as recounting the legacies of historical figures like Kenneth Kaunda and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, as well as showcasing heritage sites such as Chilenje house.

Furthermore, Minister Sikumba mentioned that the Ministry of Tourism is actively working on digitizing the promotion of Zambia as a tourist destination. This move aims to better present Zambia’s tourism product to the global audience. He highlighted the significance of digital analytics in informing decision-making processes.

Mwewa Besa, President of the Zambia Institute of Marketing, underscored the importance of advertising in marketing. He stated that advertising serves as a critical link between businesses and customers and also plays a vital role in shaping a nation’s culture and values.

Mr. Besa emphasized the timeliness of the event, coinciding with the institute’s efforts to align advertising standards with international norms. He expressed the institute’s commitment to refining advertising practices in Zambia, covering outdoor, electronic, digital, and print media. 

This initiative aims to establish structured and ethical business practices, protect the industry, and safeguard unsuspecting customers from deceptive advertising. It also aims to eliminate impostors posing as marketers within the profession.

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