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FRA Approaches 2 Billion Kwacha in Farmer Payments for Ongoing Crop Marketing Season

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has reached the milestone of paying out a substantial sum of one billion, nine hundred and twenty million, eight hundred and seventy-six thousand, one hundred and sixty kwacha (K1,920,876,160.00) to farmers who have delivered Grade A white maize during this year’s ongoing crop marketing season.

According to a statement released by John Chipandwe, Public Relations Coordinator of ZRA, this impressive amount of K1,920,876,160.00 reflects the total quantity of maize purchased by FRA as of September 25, 2023, which amounts to three hundred and forty-three thousand, thirteen point six zero metric tonnes (343,013.60 MTs). This translates to a staggering six million, eight hundred and sixty thousand, two hundred and seventy-two fifty-kilogram bags of white maize (6,860,272 X 50kgs).

Furthermore, as part of FRA’s initiative to pay farmers immediately upon maize delivery, a total of one thousand, seven hundred and ninety-six point two zero metric tonnes (1,796.20 MTs) have been procured, equivalent to thirty-five thousand, nine hundred and twenty fifty-kilogram bags of maize (35,924 x 50kgs). This additional quantity is valued at ten million, fifty-eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty kwacha (K10,058,720.00).

The Food Reserve Agency is urging farmers who still possess maize to deliver their stocks to the nearest FRA depot, emphasizing the importance of contributing to national food security. With the marketing season still ongoing, farmers are encouraged to continue supplying their crops to the Agency and receiving immediate payment for their produce.

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