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Ndola City Council Suspends Construction of Shops at Kapalala Market to Curb Illegal Development

The Ndola City Council has taken decisive action by suspending all construction activities related to shops at Kapalala Market. The move comes in response to the rising issue of illegal developers attempting to construct stalls without proper authorization.

Rebecca Mushota, the Council’s Public Relations Manager, issued a statement addressing the situation. Following the recent allocation of trading spaces to vendors for the construction of stalls at Kapalala Market, certain individuals with no legal entitlement have exploited the allocation process to create their unauthorized spaces. These illegal developers have not only violated the allocation rules but are also harassing legitimate traders who were allocated space by the Council.

To restore order and prevent further confusion caused by these illegal activities, the Council has imposed a one-week suspension on all construction work. This decision was announced by His Worship, the Mayor of Ndola, Cllr. Jones Kalyati, during a visit to Kapalala Market.

During this suspension period, the Council will thoroughly scrutinize the documentation of all developers to ensure that only those who have been officially allocated space by the Council are allowed to proceed with their construction projects.

To enforce this suspension, both State Police and Council Police presence will be maintained at Kapalala Market. Their role is to prevent any construction activities during this week and to halt any further illegal developments after the verification process.

Furthermore, any foundations and trenches that have been illegally dug will be filled in as part of the corrective measures.

The Council also issued a stern warning to the public, urging them not to purchase plots or market spaces from unauthorized individuals. This cautionary measure aims to protect potential buyers from becoming unwitting participants in illegal activities.

The Ndola City Council’s proactive measures underscore their commitment to maintaining order and legality in the development of Kapalala Market, ensuring fair opportunities for all traders in the area

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