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IBA Capacity Building Workshop Empowers Broadcasting Stations

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has launched a capacity-building workshop aimed at enhancing the professionalism and ethical standards of broadcasting stations in the Copperbelt and Northwestern provinces. 

The workshop, officiated by Permanent Secretary Mr. Thabo Kawana on behalf of Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa, MP, Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, highlighted key points crucial for the improvement of broadcasting practices.

In his opening speech, Hon. Mweetwa commended the IBA for organizing the workshop, emphasizing its significance in strengthening the capacity of broadcasting stations in the region. 

He underscored the importance of adhering to the law, particularly in avoiding hate speech and tribalism, while reassuring stations of their editorial independence.

Addressing concerns over the abuse of freedom of expression, Hon. Mweetwa stressed the need for proper moderation techniques, especially in light of recent incidents involving politicians and the public. 

He referenced the launch of IBA guidelines for enforcement and compliance breaches, emphasizing fairness, transparency, and equal treatment for all stations.

The Minister highlighted the workshop’s role in driving change in content packaging and presentation to enhance ethical and professional standards.

He emphasized the crucial role of journalists and broadcasting stations in information dissemination and urged participants to conduct their work ethically and professionally.

The workshop adopts a “trainer of trainers” approach, with participants expected to train their colleagues, thereby amplifying the impact of the capacity-building initiative. 

Hon. Mweetwa encouraged stations to capitalize on the suspension of excise duty on broadcasting equipment importation until December 31st, 2026, as a means to alleviate economic challenges.

In conclusion, Mr. Thabo Kawana officially declared the workshop open, expressing gratitude to participants and wishing them success in their endeavors.

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