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President Hichilema’s Commitment to Improve Citizen Welfare Earns Praise

In an issued statement by Spuki Mulemwa, a Social Justice and Human Rights Defender, the administration led by President Hakainde Hichilema, known as the New Dawn Administration, is commended for its steadfast dedication to reinvigorate the economy and enhance the well-being of citizens.

Over the course of two years in office, the government has achieved a multitude of successes. These achievements encompass the reintroduction of free education, the expansion and enhancement of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and the successful restructuring of the national debt, among other notable accomplishments.

The statement expresses disappointment in certain segments of society that habitually criticize government actions and statements, often overlooking the evident benefits these actions bring to the people. Although the high cost of living remains a concern for citizens, the government is actively working to alleviate this burden. This includes a focused effort to reduce the prices of essential food items like mealie meal, both in the short and long term, with the ultimate goal of improving the living standards of all citizens.

Given these ongoing efforts, citizens are encouraged to throw their support behind President Hichilema. His unwavering commitment to enhancing their welfare is evident through the implementation of an all-inclusive development agenda, with a commitment to leave no one behind. This support is deemed crucial as the government persistently addresses challenges and strives to create a better future for all.

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