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CDEDI Urgently Appeals for Officials to Address Malawi’s Security Crisis 

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI), representing the interests of Malawian taxpayers and voters, urgently appeals for the summoning of the Inspector General of Police and the Minister of Homeland Security to address the security crisis in Malawi. 

Sylvester Namiwa, the Executive Director of CDEDI, underscores the escalating danger faced by the Malawian citizens today. Virtually every member of the society, whether directly or indirectly, has experienced the dire consequences of the deteriorating security situation.

This dire state of affairs reached its peak with a harrowing series of three cold-blooded murders within the past five-day period. Among the tragic victims were Allan Witika, Sales Manager at Coca-Cola Beverages, a lady known as Agnes Katengeza, and another individual identified as Mr. Jacob Msokera.

The pervasive insecurity Malawi endure not only deters potential investors but also proves counterproductive for the nation. Citizens are living in perpetual fear for their lives and property, significantly hampering their ability to focus on their daily activities.

In light of these grave circumstances, CDEDI urgently implores the esteemed committee to exercise its constitutional prerogative by summoning both the Minister of Homeland Security, Hon. Ken Zikhale-Ng’oma, MP, and the Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service (MPS), Madam Merlyn Yolamu. 

CDEDI is respectfully requesting that they appear before the committee and elucidate to the Malawian populace why they continue to receive allocations from the taxpayers’ purse, especially in light of the conspicuous absence of effective strategies to confront the ongoing security crisis.

Lastly, given the severity of this situation, we earnestly appeal for the prioritization and heightened visibility of this matter. They kindly request that this entreaty be given due consideration, as they may find it necessary to explore additional actions if their concerns are not addressed.

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