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In a significant move to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), MTN Zambia has introduced the Y’ello Biz App. This groundbreaking platform aims to revolutionize business operations in Zambia by providing access to MTN’s local content, exclusive discounts, and a comprehensive business directory.

SMEs constitute a substantial portion of Zambia’s economic landscape, comprising 97% of all enterprises and contributing to 70% of the nation’s opportunities. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, 88% of Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Lusaka have reported a substantial increase in their internet usage. These enterprises are crucial drivers of economic development, making digital solutions vital for their growth.

The Y’ello Biz App is designed to address this need by offering a range of user-friendly ICT solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and connectivity. Users gain access to MTN’s premium local content, ensuring they receive timely and relevant information to make informed decisions. The app also provides exclusive discounts and deals from MTN and its partners, reducing expenses and improving profitability. Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive business directory, simplifying the process of locating enterprises and government services nationwide, facilitating easier collaboration and business growth.

At the launch event, Hon. Elias Mubanga, Minister of SMEs, emphasized the importance of SMEs in Zambia’s economy and praised MTN Zambia for its collaboration with the government in fostering innovation. He noted that such collaborations accelerate growth and align with the government’s goal of promoting SMEs’ growth.

Mr. Abbad Redda, MTN Zambia CEO, expressed his delight in introducing the Y’ello Biz App, emphasizing its role in enhancing business efficiency, growth, and productivity. The app represents MTN’s commitment to innovation and its transformative role in connecting businesses and communities.

The Y’ello Biz App is poised to empower SMEs in Zambia by promoting digital literacy among owners and equipping them with the tools to leverage technology for growth. This initiative is expected to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic development.

MTN Zambia is part of the MTN Group, a multinational telecommunications company operating in 22 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Since its establishment in Zambia in 2005, MTN Zambia has expanded its services to include voice (local and international), data, fixed and wireless internet, money transfer, and value-added services. The company, known for its quality network and dynamic tariff billing system, is a market leader in Zambia, providing communication solutions across all ten provinces. With its commitment to customer-centric services, MTN Zambia seeks to uplift lives and communities.

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