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The Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Honourable Collins Nzovu, M.P., commenced his address by reminiscing about the honour he had earlier this year when he unveiled the Zambia National Commercial Bank’s electric vehicle, the Jaguar 1 Pace, to the public. He expressed his profound sense of honour to be present once again, presiding over the ceremony where this remarkable electric vehicle was officially handed over to the deserving winner of the Deposit Mobilization Campaign.

The Minister emphasized the urgency, as articulated by Mrs. Mukwandi Chibesakunda, the CEO of ZANACO, for collective dedication to the protection, preservation, and restoration of Zambia’s environment. This commitment, he noted, was vital in systematically mitigating the adverse effects of climate change and aligned seamlessly with the New Dawn administration’s primary objective of fostering green growth as a pivotal engine for sustained development.

Under the visionary leadership of His Excellency, President Hakainde Hichilema, the Minister highlighted that the Government of the Republic of Zambia had placed the promotion of the Green Economy agenda and its sustainability at the forefront of its priorities. He emphasized that the event served as a testament to the government’s unwavering dedication to advancing the Green Economy and transitioning toward renewable energy sources.

Regarding international collaboration, the Minister pointed out that in 2021, the governments of the Republic of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) had entered into a cooperation agreement to exploit cobalt reserves. He highlighted the significance of cobalt in the energy transition and electric mobility due to its high energy storage capacity. Additionally, he mentioned that DRC and Zambia together supplied 10 percent of the world’s copper, a vital resource.

The Minister reiterated the government’s steadfast commitment to the Green Economy and sustainable development in Zambia, emphasizing its belief in securing a sustainable future for the nation’s citizens through a Green Economic agenda.

He also took the opportunity to commend ZANACO’s management for their consistent support of the Green agenda. He noted that the recently launched ZANACO Green Innovation Challenge (ZGIC) was designed to identify, support, and scale promising sustainability-focused solutions, aligning with various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In closing, the Minister expressed his appreciation to ZANACO for its corporate social responsibility efforts through the Deposit Mobilization Campaign, highlighting its impact, including the distribution of shopping vouchers and trolley dashes. He thanked all participants for their commitment to a greener and more sustainable Zambia and emphasized the importance of working together to create a brighter future for the nation and future generations.

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