Christian Democratic Party (CDP) Addresses Press on Various National Issues

The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) convened a press briefing today to address a range of critical national issues and concerns. The event, held in Lusaka, saw the participation of the CDP’s National Executive Committee members and invited guests.

CDP’s Ongoing Mobilization Efforts

At the outset of the briefing, the CDP proudly announced its continuous efforts to mobilize and expand its membership base throughout Zambia. The party emphasized its commitment to participating in the 2026 Presidential and General Elections. Currently, the CDP has established a presence in all ten provinces, with plans to extend its reach to towns and cities across the nation. The party intends to identify candidates for councilor, mayoral, and parliamentary positions ahead of the 2026 elections.

Rising Cost of Living and Government Promises

The CDP expressed deep concern over the escalating cost of living in Zambia. They highlighted that two years into the United Party for National Development (UPND) government’s tenure, the high cost of living remains a pressing issue for many Zambians. The party pointed out that the UPND had made promises to reduce the prices of staple foods, fuel, agricultural inputs, exchange rates, and create employment opportunities, yet these pledges remain largely unfulfilled. The CDP called on the government to reintroduce subsidies on staple foods and fuel to alleviate the economic strain on citizens.

Concerns over Attacks on Former President Lungu and the First Family

The CDP expressed disapproval of the ongoing verbal attacks on the former First Family of President Edgar Lungu. They cautioned President Hakainde Hichilema to cease such attacks and instead focus on national reconciliation and unity. The party viewed the legal case involving former First Lady Mrs. Esther Lungu as a civil matter that should not be exploited for political purposes. Furthermore, the CDP denounced the perceived persecution of President Lungu’s sympathizers, including religious leaders, such as the recent arrest of Pastor Charles Chileshe.

Selective Application of the Public Order Act

The CDP raised concerns regarding the selective enforcement of the Public Order Act, especially in relation to gatherings and meetings organized by opposition groups. They expressed dissatisfaction with the arrest and detention of Pastor Charles Chileshe and the disruption of an inter-denominational prayer meeting in Ndola. The CDP asserted that the current application of the Public Order Act infringes upon the rights of free assembly and expression.

Call for the Enactment of the Public Gathering Act

The party called on President Hichilema to fulfill his campaign promise to repeal the Public Order Act and replace it with the Freedom of Information Bill and the Public Gathering Bill, which had been submitted to the President by the Zambia Law Development Commission. The CDP asserted that the selective application of the Public Order Act has impeded democratic processes and must be rectified.

KCM Ownership and Tax Holidays

The CDP welcomed foreign investment in the mining sector, particularly in the Copperbelt region. They commended the government for returning Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to its former owners, Vedanta, after a two-year dispute. The party, however, expressed concerns about the delayed resolution and urged Vedanta to honor their investment commitments. The CDP also called for the reevaluation of tax holidays offered to foreign mining investors, suggesting that such incentives have had negative consequences on the economy.

UPND’s Stance on Homosexuality

The CDP voiced agreement with other stakeholders’ concerns about the appointment of Mr. Jean Mafart, a known homosexual, as the French Ambassador-designate to Zambia. They called on President Hichilema to reconsider the appointment and expressed their commitment to upholding Zambian laws, biblical values, and traditional practices.

In conclusion, the CDP invited all Zambians to join their party, emphasizing their vision to lead Zambia in the 2026 elections. They pledged to govern in accordance with Zambian laws, biblical principles, and traditional values, promising not to tolerate illegal practices such as homosexuality.

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